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For her, this Thanksgiving is special: Constance Parrish has recaptured her life following Lewiston motorcycle wreck that put her into a coma
On this Thanksgiving morning, Constance (Coni) Parrish is grateful to the rescuers. Critically injured in a motorcycle accident 15 months ago, Parrish spent seven weeks in a coma before beginning a road to recovery that will continue through this holiday season.

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  At Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital, the newest member of the Inland Northwest health care continuum, we believe your recovery means more than just physical. At our new state-of-the-art facility, we offer long-term acute care and critical care services for patients recovering from serious illnesses or injuries.

While utilizing our high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art gym and large, private rooms, our caring and supportive staff is dedicated to helping you or your loved one through the recovery process. We focus on each patient’s unique needs to achieve maximum levels of recovery. At Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital, we are proud to be the newest addition to the health care continuum in the Inland Northwest.
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Our staff is comprised of a highly specialized team of medical professionals whose goal is to bring each patient to his or her highest level of independence as possible.

Our 40-bed facility, designed solely for the provision of this specialized care is the only long-term acute care hospital serving the Inland Northwest. The facility’s unique design fosters a comfortable and responsive environment for our patients.
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